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Pinouts for Nokia 1100, 1600, 2300, 2600

pin: description:
2 F-Bus Rx
3 F-Bus Tx
4 Gnd
5 M-Bus
6 Vpp
7 Gnd
9 Vcc

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2017-02-10 1110i dear. what about 1110i .thinks
2014-02-07 srinu dear sir my fbus cable only 5 pins are there DAI CLK was missing what i can do pls help me
2013-03-05 Debasis Please describe the use of these pins
2012-03-12 KAVEH TNX ALOT
2012-01-04 neeraj i am missing 1100 mic print out
2011-08-25 vizier87 how about the ones which are connected to the socket already? Should I dismantle the fragile-looking plastic lining of the LCD?
2011-08-02 :) factory default password for type RH-36 (Model 1100b) tracfone is "12345"
2010-12-11 Andrew watch picasaweb picaxe for a simple picaxe -08M level shifting interface images
2010-09-29 Oligino Am learning alot of things. Thank you
2010-09-13 mak security code error for 1600 ime no 359354006057069
2010-08-10 ramesh nice shearing sir its good job
2010-04-07 Mgul you are right
2009-11-09 krishna reddy n security code error
2009-11-06 hitesh thanks
2009-10-04 اهشام تاريخ صنع نوكيا 1100 كود 0512529
2009-09-08 piku i am getting .(?????????????4) error msg in nokia 1100, plz help me
2009-09-08 piku i am getting .(?????????????4) error msg in nokia 1100, plz help me
2009-09-08 piku i am getting .(?????????????4) error msg in nokia 1100, plz help me
2009-08-07 kapil what a great info at single place man.really greate.thanks a lot.really nice grt job.
2009-07-20 Henry Fernandes Is there any master code for N91 Nokia! i cunt restore the security code! , as i was using it i forgot my recurity code, Any one can help me about this matter! thankin in an advance !Q
2009-05-18 ali due to security code i can use my cell nokia 1600 plz let me know how to open, if any master code ..............thx n tc
2009-02-10 alawi i want to dial on a nokia 1208 by a microconroller and check the status of it whther busy or... can i conrol it by AT commands? if yes would you please send those AT commnds and also pin out for nokia1208
2008-12-17 sinun89 wellcom
2008-11-30 oscar i nedd pinout for usb for unlock nokia 1208b please
2008-11-13 saeed i need unlock code for nokia 1600,or master code,
2008-11-11 susmoy i am getting (?????????????4) error msg in nokia 1600, plz help me__
2008-09-21 Hans How much current can I take from Vpp is it 12 Volt ?
2008-09-05 santosh i am a new student in mobiles filde in hardwere n softwere pleas give me a all information in only mobiles
2008-08-21 ruder nokia n72 white display,same problem after change display plz solve it