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Nokia Field Test Display overview (Symbian app)

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1.1 Information on the serving cell
1.2 More Information on the serving cell
1.3 Information on the serving cell, 1st and 2nd neigbour
1.4 Information on the 3rd, 4th and 5th neighbour
1.5 Information on the 6th, 7th and 8th neighbour
1.6 Network selection display
1.7 Current Cell Flags
1.8 TMSI, PRP, T3212 (Location Update) Timer information
1.9 Network parameters
1.10 Cipher, Hopping, DTX and IMSI stauts
1.11 Toggle DTX Mode status
1.12 Switch BTS_TEST status
1.13 Change Begaviour for barred cells
6.1 General GPRS RLC/MAC information
6.2 Uplink TBF Establishment information
6.3 GMM State information
6.4 GMM Values and non-DRX parameters
6.5 GPRS Network parameters
6.6 PCCCH parameters
6.7 Packet System information parameters
6.9 GPRS Serving Cell and neighbours
7.1 Information about active PDP contexts 1
7.2 Information about active PDP contexts 2
7.3 RLC State information
7.4 RLC parameters
7.5 RLC Data Block counters
7.6 LLC Data Block counters
7.7 LLC Ciphering information
7.8 LLC parameters
7.9 LLC parameters
7.10 SNDCP Data counters
9.14 SMS over GPRS countes
46.7 Counter Reset
81.1 Force protocol between GSM and WCDMA WCDMA

more coming soon...

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2014-01-08 Djoko Susilo Please i need ftd fore71
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